Here at Dublin Building Systems we always jump at the opportunity to complete a project that is both challenging and rewarding for the us and the client! Case and point, the recent Lab Corp. project that is just wrapping completion was definitely a one-of-a-kind project! Read on for more details…

Laboratory Corporation of America (Lab Corp.) is located in Dublin, Ohio with their corporate headquarters located in Burlington, North Carolina. Lab Corp. is a global provider of medical testing services. They reached out to us to renovate 53,000 square feet of their 87,000 square foot building. Of the 53,000 square feet of space they wanted to renovate, 30,000 sq.ft. was existing laboratory space. This made the project intense at times, as this limited our work schedule and the work space area itself.

Because the lab still needed to do its daily operations and testing, this required us to plan more extensively and coordinate our daily projects around  expensive testing equipment. There were times that the renovations had to be scheduled at hourly intervals to accommodate testing time constraint windows.

To ensure the safety of everyone and to maintain the highest quality of work, we created pathways for construction materials, testing specimens and personnel. After a clear and concise plan was devised, work began on the renovations starting with the removal of all ceilings and updating the HVAC, electric, sprinkler and plumbing work. Corridor and office walls were also removed to create a single “open” lab space.

Lab Corp 3 1024x576

Other areas of construction included transforming the existing courtyard area to an 1,100 sq. ft., 18-foot tall cooler for storing temperature sensitive specimens and reagents. (See picture below) The court yard was not accessible from the outside since it was surrounded by 4 walls of the building.   Timing and coordination of the work came into play while performing the demo of the court yard and build-back of the cooler.

Lab Corp 2 1024x576

Renovations of the 22,000 sq. ft. administrative offices were performed in 2 phases to minimize the relocation of the Lab Corp. staff to satellite locations. Temporary provisions and offices were installed during the 1st phase of the construction to allow for a maximum use of the space during the construction. Enclosing and expanding the loading dock area was also completed to add more security to the facility. This was also done in phases so to maintain the dock’s use and accessibility 24/7. In addition to all of the renovations listed above, we built a 500 sq. ft. addition to accommodate the equipment that is used to support the lab testing operations.

We started the Lab Corp. project in February of 2015 and we are wrapping completion in the next week (October 1st!) – This was roughly an 8 month project and it could not have been completed without the help of our awesome team!

  • DBS – Construction Manager
  • Lab Corp – Owner
  • Navigant Consulting – Owner Representative
  • BHDP – Architect
  • Prater Engineering – Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical Engineers
  • Paul J. Ford – Structural Engineers

Local Subcontractors:

  • Roehrenbeck Electric
  • Executive Construction
  • Haslett Heating & Cooling
  • Gutridge Plumbing & Fire Protection
  • Floor Systems & Design
  • Sunderland Painting
  • Jon Edwards Steel
  • Carlisle Masonry
  • Northstar Demo & Remediation

We hope that you enjoyed this project highlight on the Lab Corp. building renovation and learned a little more about what all goes into the projects that we do here at Dublin Building Systems. If you are interested in learning more about how Dublin Building Systems can help you build or renovate your next commercial building, we would love to hear from you.  Contact us today!

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