So many details go into creating and building a business. There is the brainstorming process,  building the business, and finally building…the building. There are several aspects that go into building a commercial building and it is important to find a design-build firm that is going to work closely with you every step of the way to ensure all bases are covered. One benefit of working with a Design-Build firm is that they will make sure to inspect every detail carefully and see that your facility is  built not only efficiently but effectively as well. Here are five areas you want to give sufficient detail to when building an occupant-friendly facility.


This goes without saying that every aspect of the building reflects your company. Making sure that your restrooms are a sufficient size for the amount of employees you employ is only one area to focus on. Put extra detail into the aesthetics of the restroom (faucets, sinks, mirrors, overall size); all of these details make a huge difference.

 Hallways & Walkways

With sedentary work styles becoming more prevalent it is important to encourage movement throughout the day. Maybe this means that you include wider walk spaces throughout the building or position the main workstations (copiers, fax machines, coffee pot) in the center of the building to encourage more movement and walking.

Foyer/ Entrance Areas 

First impressions are everything so designing a welcoming entrance is very important. The height of the ceiling, the amount of windows, and even the amount of foliage present will make a very big difference in how a company is perceived (upon first impressions of course). An added bonus to adding some foliage around the building or office is that individuals who work in places that have such foliage report increased satisfaction and concentration levels.

Overall Work space 

Considering how much of the employees’ salaries take up the company’s budget it is important to make sure that you are re-investing in their workplace happiness and harmony. When designing your building you want to make sure to create an environment that encourages both formal and informal collaboration among one another. Think about creating spaces where they can go to relax on a break or a functional, yet creative meeting space where the best ideas are usually born.

When you are ready to build your company establishment you can be sure that Dublin Building Systems will cover all of these bases and more. We know how important it is to build a functional building for your employees and a building that represents your company to the fullest. If you are interested in working with Dublin Building Systems on your next project, get in touch with us here, we would love to hear from you!