When it comes to building creation and design, the techniques are becoming more advanced, more environmentally friendly and more aesthetically pleasing. As each year passes, new trends become more prominent in the commercial and residential building industry. We are going to share  a few of the trends you probably are already seeing or will begin to see as the years go on.

Green Building– This trend continues to be a driving force on the commercial and residential front! We have spoke a lot on this topic as this is a way that we like to build here at Dublin Building Systems. Other businesses and companies are jumping on board with this idea as it is environmentally friendly therefore helping to reduce their carbon footprint AND it is energy efficient (i.e, it saves them money!)

Creating more collaborative spaces– In previous decades the work space in office buildings and other commercial buildings has been sectioned off and seperated. In this new era of building, we are seeing commercial buildings being designed with more flexible, open work spaces. This is due to the fact that much of the work being done is with mobile technology allowing  groups more choices when it comes to how and where they want to meet. This design also allows for more of a creative flow of ideas and promotes healthy communication throughout the company.

Warmer and more upbeat color palettes being used– This year’s pantone color of the year is Marsala, a wine-red hue that conveys “sophisticated, natural earthiness,” according to Pantone Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman. In commercial spaces we are seeing colors such as Marsala being paired with warmer neutrals to give the space a feeling brightness, fun and energy.

Sharing spaces– Another commercial building trend is the mixed use of space. Staying along the lines of energy efficiency, many companies are building spaces that can be used for multiple functions. Company headquarters are now being replaced with shared corporate spaces and corporate campuses seem to be merging therefore giving way to single buildings with more of an open, flexible interior.

Bold flooring options– Long live the days of boring commercial flooring that seems to blend in with the background. Today the trend is leaning towards brighter, bolder patterns and designs. This conveys a sense of fun and energy and brightens up a rather ‘corporate’ feeling building. Carpet tiles and luxury vinyl are becoming popular because of the flexibilty and ability to replace damaged areas.

Technology– This trend not only applies to the commercial building itself, but also the commercial builder. With everything moving towards technology builders are using more technology in the field when it comes to planning and communicating with their clients. In regards to the building, we are seeing more technology in the way of charging stations, and other tech spots where employees are able to get their work done by mobile devices.

The advancements in commercial building, both aesthetically and structurally, have come a long way. More time is being taken to build a building that will appeal to our clients in multiple ways whether through energy efficiency or design. If you are looking to build a one-of-a-kind building for your company and would like to set up a consultation contact us here! We look forward to speaking with you.