Winter is here, and it is cold. While winter weather can be an excuse to wrap up warm and stay indoors, it can create long term maintenance headaches on your building’s conditions. To ensure the readiness of your building this winter, there are a few tasks that you should carry out this time of year.


Clear out your gutters

Leaves from the fall can drop off surrounding trees and block our drains and gutters. The chances of flooding and damage to your roof increases tremendously then. As the weather gets really cold, as it already has, water trapped by leaves can freeze, causing an array of problems like leaking.


Check your outdoor lighting

With winter comes longer nights, this means your employees and customers may be entering and leaving your building in the dark or poor light. Check that your lights work and replace or fix any bulbs that are broken.


Check your heating system

Heating systems are extremely important, especially since it is already cold outside. Checking your system will not only help it work better, you’ll be able to catch any minor issues before they become bigger, and more expensive. A heating system that is well maintained will be more power efficient. Helping to keep your winter electricity costs down.


Check seals on doors and windows

Over time, the seals around your doors and windows can deteriorate over time. If they aren’t in good condition, they may not work at keeping cold air out. With cold air and drafts coming in, power costs will increase since your heating system will have to work harder to compensate.


A bit of time spent now can save you a lot of money and time in the future.

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