Studies show that 43% of employees don’t believe their workplace promotes productivity. Organizations can support their employees better by offering an office environment that works. There are five key areas that organizations can focus on to improve their environments.


1.Top productivity killers: There are typically barriers to daily work presented that impact the overall morale and pride employees feel for their work. The biggest impacting features on employees’ ability to work productively are dividers, noise levels and the space between work settings.


2.The most demanding generation: Millennials are typically the focus of organizations; however, they typically have the simplest workloads and narrowest set of requirements. Instead, attention should be targeted on those in the 35-44 age range, because they typically have more complex roles and the lowest satisfaction scores.


3.Open-plan vs. private office: Both set ups can be equally good or bad. Employees in the highest performing locations are typically in an open-plan setting, this way of setting up an office is becoming more prevalent and should be not be overlooked.


4.Workplace transformation projects are not always transformative: Relocation fit-out projects and large investments in refurbishment come with leadership teams that have high expectations of significant benefits. Evidence shows that this is not always the case, and realistic expectations should be expected.


5.Workplace + behavior = effectiveness: Employees don’t just change their habits on how they have worked their whole lives because employers tell them to. Employers need to know their employees and how best to motivate them, based on how they respond best.

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