More and more associates are turning to standing desks for many health benefits. Standing desks can improve comfort and reduce pain for employees. Standing desks has changed how many people approach daily work. Due to alarming research that shows the effect that long-term sitting can have on one’s body.

If you are thinking about implementing standing desks into your facility, make sure they are used properly to justify their cost and improve workplace morale and wellness. Here are some benefits from a standing desk:


Less Obesity Risk  


When you are sitting for long periods of time, you will not end up burning the appropriate number of calories for the day that you should be. Standing for multiple hours a day does not burn enough calories to make you skip a weekly workout or anything like that but it does still burn more calories than just sitting in a regular chair for the entire 8-hour work day.


Reduced Cancer Risk


Breast cancer and colon cancer are the ones that appear most related to lack of physical activity. A study from 2011 reported that 43,000 cases of colon cancer and 49,000 cases of breast cancer annually are caused by prolonged sitting. Though the cases weren’t as conclusive, the same study reported that ovarian, prostate, lung and endometrial cancer also showed a strong connection to prolonged sitting. There is not a definite answer as to why sitting appears to cause these types of cancer, but it’s possible that increases in C-reactive protein, found in people who sit for long periods of time, is the culprit.


Better Posture  


Standing desks not only reduce eye strain but it is also a great way to improve posture. It is important to set it up the right way. Your computer screen should sit just above resting eye level, so you have to look up slightly to see it. This keeps you from hunching over or slouching as you tap away on your keyboard. The simple act of standing will also improve your core strength, leading to better overall posture. 

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