If there are glares present anywhere in your building, they need immediate attention. These glares can affect the overall productivity of your associates. Glares can lead to headaches, eye strain, fatigue and other problems that will hinder the performance of those in the building. As a facilities manager, if you are receiving complaints about lighting quality or quantity, it is time to fix those!



Buildings are often designed with too much light to compensate for the lamps’ future lumen depreciation. Taking out some of the lamps from problem fixtures is one way to decrease light output right away. We do advise you to be careful when doing this because it can lead to uneven light, so delamp with care. Adding a dimming system to your light fixtures can also be an answer to this problem.




This is usually a result of older lamps that have simply depreciated too much, so if the lighting in the area is otherwise even, a simple replacement might be the answer you are looking for. If uneven light distribution is also an issue, it might be time to call in a consultation for a more in-depth look.




Chances are that occupants in your building are using some type of screen. A harmful glare can not only cause pain and discomfort for your associates but also decrease productivity. Direct glare results when a light source is directly in an occupant’s field of vision and can be solved by simply shielding the light source from the person’s line of sight, by using shares or blinds. Glares occur as a result of a nearby surface being reflected into worker’s eyes and can be tougher to address. Reconfiguring lighting sources and moving people around can help solve this issue. 

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