When we meet with clients to discuss a potential project there are many factors that we cover with them and one of the most important factors is building a safe and secure building. We take pride in every project that we complete. Our primary goal continues to be to build a safe and secure building for your business.

When designing and building a facility for safety and security, it requires a proactive approach that anticipates-and then protects- the building occupants, resources,  and structure from different types of hazards. The first step is to determine what types of risks these hazards can impose. We then analyze these risks and weigh them against the vulnerabilities that are specific to the site or facility. Based on these findings we then give our recommendations on the appropriate safety and security measures to the  project owner and what they should implement.

When designing with safety and security in mind there is a balance of operational, technical, and physical safety methods that all play a part. For example, to protect a facility from unwanted intruders, an operational approach might stress the need for security guards around the clock, a technical approach might suggest for camera surveillance and alarms, and a physical approach might suggest the use of locked doorways or key card entry systems.  Structural and non-structural strategies are also useful when it comes to risk reduction and safety. Structural strategies include focusing on certain building components that carry gravity, wind, seismic and other loads, such a columns, beams, foundations, and braces. For non-structural strategies the focus is put on risks that may arise from damage to non-load-bearing building components such as partitions, decorative ornamentation, and cladding; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components such as HVAC, life safety, and utility systems; furniture, fixtures and equipment such as desks, shelves, and other materials. In the non-structural strategy we determine ways to secure these elements to the structure or keep them in a position to minimize damage and functional disruption.

One of the benefits of working with Dublin Building Systems for your next project is that we will oversee the project from beginning to end and make sure that the safety and security of your building is the number one priority. If you would like more information how our design-build process works, we would love to hear from you. Contact us here for more details!