Becoming more environmentally friendly has been on the minds of commercial construction companies for year, as it has with Dublin Building Systems. Green construction techniques have become more mainstream and cost-efficient, many have been adopted as standard construction practices. Here are a few examples of which ones are becoming standard practice and how your company can adapt these changes:


  1. Localized Sourcing. Not only are you helping out other businesses in the surrounding area, but you are cutting back on the impact you are having on the environment that are caused by shipping materials long distances. Your business will also be able to cut back on shipping costs and it will help you keep the budget for the project on track. Once your team understands the design intent and the goal of the project, start looking in the surrounding area for materials that you need when it is time to get started.
  2. Product and Material Selection. Throughout the entire process of the project, try to purchase materials that are environmentally friend such as energy-efficient LED light or low-VOC paint, sealant, adhesives and coatings. With these products, your company will be able to benefit the environment and even offer the opportunity for your customers to save money on their energy costs.
  3. Construction Site Recycling. There is no doubt that on a construction site there is a large amount of waste and debris. Your company can help the environment by recycling those waste materials. Many of the dumpster companies have implemented a plan for sorting of the materials to better help the recycling of the companies that use their dumpsters. If a sorting plan is not in place, try to set up your own recycling system.
  4. Repurpose and reuse. Green construction practices such as reusing existing systems and utilizing reclaimed materials will not only benefit the environment, they could also save you company time and money.


Dublin Building Systems is always looking for ways to go green and help the environment and our customers. 

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