Warm weather means many wonderful things, unfortunately it also leads to an increase in pest activity. The first thing facility managers should focus on it prevention, you want to stop insects from establishing an infestation before it starts. If they have already invaded your facility, no need to panic. We will take a look at the most common springtime pests and determine how to deal with them.


You could have probably already guessed this but the three most common pests that come out during the warmer months are: ants, termites and flies. All three lay low during the winter months, but as soon as the temperature increases over 50 degrees F., you can expect to see them. Ants and termites are still present during the winter months, but wait till springtime to resurface.

The best way to prevent problems during the summer months is to implement a smart pest management strategy.

  • Make sure screen windows are working properly and they do not have any holes or loose spots that would be letting bugs in.
  • Move garbage cans or designed refuse areas away from the building.
  • Keep individual office trashcans clean.
  • Seal entry points and install door sweeps to keep ants out.


Solving the Problem

Before the problem gets worse, call a pest control professional to come and terminate the situation. It will be more helpful in the long run to call in professionals immediately to take care of the problem as opposed to handling it yourself.