When you walk into a building in winter you often find yourself bringing the winter hazards with you as well. The ideal entryway in a building will have a flooring system that protects occupants from injury and the rest of the building from outdoor elements that find their way inside.

Providing the right flooring solutions in your entryway is vital because it facilities the transition from outside the building to the inside, which becomes even more critical when weather is a factor. Providing the right materials for the entrance will keep your building safer and cleaner. The greatest threat to floor mats working effectively is moisture. Once they become saturated, they not only allow water to be more easily tracked into the rest of the building, but they often pose a threat to those walking in who are not expecting it.


Mats with high-traction backing and the ability to absorb high levels of moisture without becoming saturated will be able to withstand more water than lower quality options. Floor mats aren’t the only option to consider, walk-off carpet can provide a heavy-duty option that will more effectively mitigate the transfer of moisture and outdoor materials inside. One of the unfortunate things about walk-off carpet is they usually require a change in flooring at the entrance.

Another approach to fixing the problems in the entranceway is addressing the outdoor conditions. Winer is a particularly problematic time of the year because the snow, salt and water make their way into the building. So, providing a line of defense outside the building can save the interior flooring. Scraper mats are an example of what can be used as a defense mechanism outside. A large, rubber scraper mat eliminates the snow on their boots that is being tracked in.