Cold and flu season is unfortunately upon us. As a facility manager there are things you can and should be doing to help your building occupants stay happy and healthy during these winter months. 80% of illness-causing germs are spread through touch according to the CDC, cleaning and disinfecting is a critical piece in helping prevent illness and outbreaks. With that in mind, here are a few things facilities and staff can help keep germs away and their occupants healthy:


  1. Clean and disinfect regularly. Whether it is cold and flu season or not, this should be done consistently. Regular cleaning and disinfection are the best ways to treat environmental surfaces to help mitigate the impact of winter illnesses, but effective strategies require a holistic approach that targets germs on hard and soft surfaces.
  2. Target high-touch surfaces. Objects and surfaces that are frequently touched such as keyboards, doorknobs, countertops, faucets, elevator buttons and so on need to be disinfected at least one a day. The viruses will thrive off surfaces like these so it is important that you are doing whatever you can to kill the viruses immediately.
  3. Don’t overlook soft surfaces. From carpets and curtains to upholstery, soft surfaces can be a feeding place for germs as well. The warmth can provide the germ what they need to survive. Make sure to incorporate decontaminating soft surfaces using products that are EPA-registered to kill illness-causing germs as part of your ongoing approach to facility-wide infection prevention approach.
  4. Choose the right products and use them correctly. Make sure the products being used in your building will effectively kill bacteria and viruses like influenza and rhinovirus, the leading cause of the common cold, quickly. Read the labels to find out which germs the product intends to kill. Follow the directions of the label for use and contact time, or the length of time the disinfectant needs to remain to kill the germs.
  5. Practice personal-illness prevention tips. Encourage employees to practice general healthy habits. If employees are sick, encourage them to stay home. That is the number one way germs spread throughout the office is when sick people bring them in. Everyone should be washing their hands regularly, especially after doing tasks such as emptying the trash, coughing, sneezing and of course using the restroom.


From everyone here at Dublin Building Systems, we hope you and your occupants stay happy and healthy this cold and flu season! 

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