The health and wellbeing of your building’s occupants isn’t just something for human resources to think about. Facilities managers can plan an important role in making sure the people who work in your building are happy, healthy and active. Incorporate active design elements in your building and encourage your occupants to lead healthier lives with these few tips.


Encourage more walking

A few simple low or no cost improvements can encourage occupants to walk more. Moving printers, copiers and other communal equipment to a central space instead of giving occupants their own equipment not only requires users to walk farther to put up printer material, but also creates a mini-meeting space where occupants can bump into colleagues for impromptu conversations.

Another way to encourage employees to walk more is starting a steps competition in the office. If a number of people in the office have a step tracking monitor like a Fitbit or similar tracker. That is a way to see how much each person is walking and turn it into a friendly competition.


Promote Stairs, Not Elevators

An existing building has fewer opportunities than a new construction projects to make stairs an appealing amenity but it can be done. Add more artwork or color to the stair area or add some lighting to make the area seem more inviting for employees. Locating communal spaces like kitchenettes and lounges near the stair landings whenever possible can draw occupants to the stair for convenience and community.


Food Service

Whether your organization has a couple of vending machines or a full cafeteria, you can find ways to offer appealing, but healthy options. One thing that has become popular is having local food trucks can to your site once a week and offer food. It is a win win for both parties involved, your employees get to try new, local food options, it usually is little to no cost to the organization and the food truck gets free publicity as well as business for a couple hours.


Provide Variety with Breakout Spaces

A change of pace can help boost productivity, this can be about more than standing desks and perching areas at workstations. Creating breakout spaces also affords you the opportunity to turn some of your underused or unattractive spaces into real assets. Give your employees a place to go where they can just decompress for a second, whether that be a breakroom, an outdoor space or a place to grab a cup of coffee. This can add to their overall productivity and happiness in the workspace.