Tips for Maintaining your Fire Protection System

In any building, keeping your fire system fully functioning and up to date is crucial. The occupants of your building rely on you to keep them safe with a fire protection system. It is also up to you to make sure the system is maintained in case an emergency situation arises at any time.


Optimize Your Sprinklers

While your facility certainly has fire sprinklers, are you sure they’re the right type for your building? Check to see if your sprinklers are the same type as indicated on the plans and hydraulic calculations. If your system is different than specified, the calculations are no longer useful and you’ll need to confirm that what is installed provides adequate protection for occupants and property.


Maintain Exhaust Fans

Debris that builds up in your HVAC system’s exhaust fans can quickly turn into a fire hazard, especially during the warmer months of spring and summer. Make sure fans are kept in working order, including periodic cleaning to remove foreign objects. It also wouldn’t hurt to watch the usage, if they are running all the time, the risk of fire is greater.


Make Sure Your Doors Pass the Test

What is your fire door’s protection rating? If you’re not sure, it’s time to double check. Don’t forget that doors are tested as a complete assembly, so modifications may affect the performance or safety of your installation. If you are not sure your assemblies are compliant, reach out to a fire protection engineer for more information.


Keep All Equipment Safe

It’s easy to think of HVAC systems or your building’s lighting when it comes to fire hazards, but there are other risk sources as well. Outdoor equipment such as lawn mowers and other motorized equipment can also start a fire if not properly maintained. Make sure you are following the directions properly and all recommended safety instructions.


Keeping your occupants safe is the top priority in any structure; make sure you are doing your part to maintain your Fire Protection System.