Summer is right around the corner that means it is time to start thinking about what you need to do to prepare your commercial building for the season change. Ensuring your building is prepared for the weather change is a crucial part of business maintenance. These measures can prevent unnecessary problems for tenants and businesses that can cost them, and you, more money. These four tips will help you be ready for whatever summer brings.

  1. Grounds Maintenance. The previous seasons might have left unwanted debris around your outdoor area. It is important to do a thorough cleanup of your property grounds to remove dead leaves, broken branches, trash and other items that could be hurt the exterior appearance of your building. You want your exterior to look attractive and give off a welcoming business atmosphere. Small actions like this can make a big difference in your employee’s enthusiasm.
  2. HVAC System Inspection. Here in Ohio we are known for our extreme weather changes, between unexpectedly cold and snowy winters and extremely hot summers. Making it even more vital to give your HVAC system the care it needs so it doesn’t stop working during periods of heavy usage. It might be a good idea to call in the professionals for this one. Professional heating and air-conditioning companies can give your system a thorough inspection so that your HVAC system will be prepared when those hot temperatures come. You don’t want to risk your customers and employees suffering through summer with no air conditioning.
  3. Roof Inspection. Summer storms can be brutal, especially for roofing materials. Begin your summer right by getting a professional roof inspection to determine any problems that might have occurred over the winter months. Ice and snow damage may have occurred that isn’t immediately evident. Detecting problems early can save you money in the long run.
  4. Window Maintenance. Your windows may have also taken a hit this winter. This can lead to higher air-conditioning costs during the summer months. Thorough caulking can prevent leakage of cooled air and save more money on energy bills. Give all windows a thorough inspection and replace when needed. You don’t want all that air conditioning you are paying for this summer to go right out the window, literally.


BBeing proactive can save you money and trouble in the future. Take care of your commercial property and be ready for the summer.

AAfter all this is a time to enjoy this weather and be a little more carefree! 

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