The last decade of interior design was largely characterized by universal planning and the efficiency of the open office. Many businesses have been changing the interior of their buildings to attract a younger generation of employees. The more open work space helps the team atmosphere and productivity of some companies. This has driven the demand for new construction with clear floor plans, compact cores and abundant natural light.


Conversations today still start with efficiency, but quickly move to the larger, less definitive topic of adaptability. While clients remain metric focused, they are trending towards more personalized, customizable work settings that provide employees with variety of choice and the ability to innovate in the workplace.  This creates a desire for more dynamic architectural spaces, large social hubs and distinct amenities that create interest and inspire communities and connections.


It’s the “iPad” era of the workplace – where a sleek, smart and streamlined work environment that is a universal solution is capable of providing a uniquely inspiring and enlightening experience for visitors and employees alike. The commercial building industry has to follow the demand and create buildings with more open spaces and natural lighting. 

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