The design build process has been around for thousands of years but it wasn’t until the early nineties that the term ‘Design-Build’ was a coined phrase among the building industry. The term design build is a method of project delivery in which a construction company- or a design-build firm- works under a single contract with the project owner to provide the design and construction services starting from initial idea conception to the completion of the project. When this method of building is adopted there are many benefits that you as the client will appreciate.

Design-Build Benefit #1- Time savings

It is proven that choosing the design-build process for your project will reduce the duration of the project. By starting the design process earlier this helps to reduce possible delays on the project.

Design-Build Benefit #2- Early knowledge of the firm price

The Dublin Building Systems team will work to select the most cost-effective materials and methods before design of your project is finalized. This allows us to provide more accurate costs and a better schedule for your project.

Design-Build Benefit #3- Increases owner satisfaction

Can you imagine having to communicate with multiple points of contact for different stages in your building process? Since you will only have to work with one firm it is known as a more “user-friendly” process for the project owner therefore creating more ease of communication.

Design-Build Benefit #4- Promotes innovation & value managementideas

Here at Dublin Building Systems we put the focus on the value of the project for the duration of the facilities useful life. We are not going to cut costs and jeopardize the quality of work. Value engineering is the most important part of the design-build process and we pride ourselves on that.

Design-Build Benefit #5- Single source of responsibility

Since there is only one contract in the whole building process the project owner will have complete control of the design-build process. This will also ensure that you, as the owner, and DBS, as the design-build firm are committed to the same success of the project.

Design-Build Benefit #6- Cost savings

By choosing to go with a design-build firm for your project you are eliminating possible conflicts between the designer and the contractor. When you only have one point of responsibility for both design and construction you can eliminate time delay on the project and have a more simplified contracting process therefore resulting in keeping more money in your pocket.

Call Dublin Building Systems to discuss additional benefits to the design-build process and how it can best serve you.