iStock 8710783402018 is anticipated to be even stronger than the robust 2017 we had. Here are some of the top trends to watch for this year.


Resiliency takes center stage

After last year’s onslaught of hurricanes, heat waves, cold waves, flooding, tornadoes and wildfires resiliency is set to be one of the construction industry’s watchwords. Rather than duplicate replacement structures being thrown up, owners will likely call organizations like the U.S. Green Building Council and demand resilient site and structure features.


Short on labor – still

Skill craft workers are in limited supply for the construction industry. Young individuals are resisting construction as a career option and as more baby boomers retire, the availability of qualified labor is diminishing.


Offsite construction on the rise

Offsite construction has become an alternative method for the industry to make up for the short supply of workers. With the increased pressure from supply-side challenges and a growing need to jumpstart productivity, offsite is driven into the mainstream.


Technology and automation tackling jobs

People worry about automation taking jobs away, instead of the possibilities automation can have for jobs. 3-D printing as an example boasted several innovative projects in the final quarter of 2017 alone. Machines are also tackling jobs that are typically dangerous for humans, such as going into pit mines or forming bridge decks with rebar. These machines are halving the labor hours compared to human labor and reducing the amount of injuries workers sustain.


Giant companies expanding spaces

Last year the addition of new high-tech campus facilities from Google, Apple and Amazon will likely fuel increased momentum for similar expansions in 2018. Software giant Microsoft is to start the redevelopment their Washington campus later this year to expand their capacities at home like Apple, Google and other technology giants. Other companies like General Electric and Marriott are creating new headquarter developments this year as well.