You might not notice it right away but robotic technology is already on the job site. For now, routine applications are minimal and highly specific. Some examples include: scanning and grade control. We could see that change in the upcoming years. The rise of technology is everywhere. It is yet to be determined how much of a role they will play in occupations across the job market but it is information to stay on top of in order to best succeed in any industry.

The use of robotics in the field has helped guide the way for future builders by showing the technology’s potential to aid productivity and eliminate rework. Among the early examples are remotely controllable robotic theodolite stations, which have been in use for more than a decade. Trying to eliminate certain robotic technology would not only be time-consuming but also error-prone.


Robotics today

Robotically controlled, low-flying droves are already in use in construction. The drones allow builders to see things from different angles, time-lapse photography and videography and open a large amount of possibilities when it comes to commercial construction. Drone’s on-board imaging and mapping software is user to capture an unprecedented bird’s-eye view of the site, taking 2-D pictures then create 3-D models.

The possibilities for the world of robotics is unknown. It is intriguing to think of all the possibilities and how much further they will benefit the industry. Stay tuned for more updates!